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Take your magical abilities to the next level at the world's only magical university


Our unique patron system allows students to learn and grow with the brightest magical minds of our generation in relative safety. Each Hall provides a unique and tailored experience for the aspiring mage, customized to teach that Hall’s signature magic such as shaping stone with voice, or imbuing intricate machines with life-like energy.


A student in the Hundred Halls will grow during their five years, not only in the Hall of their choice, but through the exciting opportunities such as the Second Year Contest, or the various intra-Hall events that occur on a regular basis. And unlike most mundane campuses, the Hundred Halls is a city unto itself, nurtured by the world’s most famous mage: Invictus.


If you have magical aptitude, a willingness to study hard, take risks, and a clever mind to apply all you have learned, then join us at the Hundred Halls. Our classes will transform you.

Academy for Advanced Studies in Cybermagic Technology

Patron – Alan Moore

Est. – 2002

Pin – A Jack

Motto – Meld the Future

Building – An abandoned strip mall

Signature magic – Reboot

We can no longer ignore the fusion of magic and technology in our world. It has become one and the same. Join us and help forge a new path.


Academy of Subtle Arts

Patron – Priyanka Sai

Est. – 1867

Pin – Arrow Through a Heart

Motto – Anyone Can Be Persuaded

Building – Unknown

Signature magic – Death Whispers

Human connections make the world go round. We at the Academy of the Subtle Arts strive to bring people, companies, and countries together. Our mages are the world’s most effective diplomats and heads of state. If you seek to join the interconnected world of politics, then The Academy of the Subtle Arts is the right Hall for you.

Acoustic Architectural Institute of Design
"Stone Singers"

Patron – Ester Starwood

Est. – 1891

Pin – Music Note

Motto – Building Through Song

Building – A giant stone flower with an inner structure often compared to the great cathedrals of Europe

Signature magic – Stone shaping with voice

A song is made up of many notes, just like a bridge is made of many stones. Society cannot function without the infastructure to hold it together. The Acostic Architectual instituite of Design teaches how to shape the world with only a song.

Acoustic Architectural Institute of Design


Patron – Semyon Grey

Est. – 1867

Pin – Book on a gear

Motto – Knowledge is Power

Building – Abbey/Castle-like structure called the Athenaeum

Signature magic – Verumancy

Arcanium believes in the value of gaining knowledge, not only about the world around us, but of ourselves. Before we can master magic, we must hone the tool the magic originates from, because a poorly trained mage will not only be a danger to themselves, but society at large. Once a student is capable, they may learn the art of changing spells on the fly using lexology, or how ancient runic languages are the key to solving the world’s most difficult problems. Join Arcanium and be a part of the solution.

Coterie of Mages

Patron – [REDACTED]

Est. – 1867

Pin – Eagle on a Staff

Motto – Limitless

Building – Obelisk

Signature magic – Imperium

Anything is possible. Here in the Coterie of Mages, we don’t believe in limits. If you can imagine it, you can do it. We push the boundaries of what magic is capable of. If this frightens you, then Coterie is not the Hall for you, but if this elicits a sense of excitement and wonder, then apply to the Coterie of Mages. We are the elite.

Daring Maids

Patron – Alice Hayword

Est. – 1908

Pin – Shield with Viking Woman

Motto – Stand

Building – A nondescript former office building. The only sign that it's a magical hall to the outside world is the occasional flashes of light or booming thunder that emanates from it.

Signature magic – Shield Wall

The world is filled with unspeakable cruelty. We seek justice for those who cannot protect themselves, no matter the place. Join us in our fight against oppression.

Daring Maids

Metallum Nocturne

Patron – Edward Canterbury

Est. – 1908

Pin – Hammer across a forge

Motto – Strike. Spark. Surpass.

Building – A circular building with a forge at the center

Signature magic - Dark Star

When the hammer hits the forge, great energies are released. Metallum Nocturn is that hammer against the forge of your soul. Join us, and find out what possibilities we can make.

Metallum Nocturne


Patron – Atticus Salinger

Est. – 1892

Pin – Eye

Motto – The Future is Malleable

Building – Circular building with dozens of different shaped doors that cover the outside. Students can be seen going into different doors every day.

Signature magic – Possibility Matrix

The third eye seeks to understand the infinite possibilities. If a butterfly's wings flutter in your ear, then Oculus is the hall for you.


“Circus of the Weird”

Patron – Artus the Greater

Est. – 1908

Pin – Two Planets forming an infinity symbol (Earth / Mars)

Motto – Infinite Diversity

Building – A mish-mash colorful conglomoration of buildings that look added on and stuck together by a toddler having a grand time

Signature magic - Bone shaping

There is nothing weirder than a person who cannot accept themselves for who they really are. Oestomancium believes in freeing oneself from the artificial limits of life. We are transhuman at its finest.


Order of Honorable Alchemists

Patron – Celesse D’Agastine

Est. – 1867

Pin – Bubbling Cauldron

Motto – Perfection is Achievable

Building – Eight-sided building

Signature magic – Tears of the Gods

The human vessel is a sacred thing. We believe in maximizing our potential through better alchemy. Our potentials cannot be met if we rely on the ordinariness of humanity.

Order of Telepaths

Patron – Phillip Boniveur III

Est. – 1939

Pin – Third Eye

Motto – Know Thyself

Building – Built like a mosque

Signature magic – Mind Blank

The mind is the final frontier, go where no one has gone before, in search of your trueself. Join us at the Order, where we stretch the limits of what a mind can do.

Order of Telepaths


Patron – Bannon Creed

Est. – 1867

Pin – A Cudgel

Motto – To Protect and Control

Building – Fortress

Signature magic – Voice of Command

Order requires commitment. Protectors are committed to the value of human life, to being the shield against those that would tear down society, and create chaos. The Protector Hall teaches the ultimate defense, not only for yourself, but for the world at large. If being on the front lines of the world’s conflicts appeals to you, then Protectors is your Hall.


Royal Society of Illustrious Artificers

Patron: Gracie Longfellow

Established: 1987

Pin: Glowing Interlocking Gears

Motto – Imagine, Build, Learn

Building: A converted old warehouse in the tenth ward. Probably one of the least “defended” halls due to the dangerous student projects laying around the grounds.

Signature magic - Artificial Life

Life is what we make of it. We are creators with our hands in the gears of the world. If you can imagine it, you can build it, and through it you will learn.

Royal Society of Illustrious Artificers

Serene Hall

Patron – Angelique Bordeaux

Est. – 1966

Pin – A conch shell

Motto – You Shall Listen

Building – The Grotto contains the deepest man made pool in the world.

Signature magic – Voice of Persuasion

One voice can change the world. Speak and you shall be heard. If wish to harness your voice to great power, then the Serene Hall is the place for you.

Serene Hall

Society for the Understanding of Animals

Patron – Adele Montgomery

Est. – 1945

Pin – Two hands (one human / one primate)

Motto – We Are Not Alone

Building – Buildings surrounded by pastures in the eighth ward on the edge of the city

Signature magic - Shapeshifting

All life is sacred. From the industrious dung beetle to the majestic horned dragon. We at the Society believe that Earth must be shared with all her children and when we do, we will truly unlock her endless possibilities.

Society for the Understanding of Animals